Consorzio Marche Spettacolo

Consorzio Marche Spettacolo (CMS) is a network of about 45 entities involved in the production, distribution, promotion and development of performing arts (Theatre, Opera, Music, Dance and Contemporary Circus) in the Marche region. Its aims are based on two main priorities: 1. Cost rationalization and optimization; 2. Identification and development of common policies, promotion of synergies and exchanges, studies and research, regional and European funding opportunities for sectorial development, and more.

Teater Nu

Teater Nu is an art company founded in 2007 and based in Göteborg and Bollebygd, Sweden. The company creates performing art works, spaces for contemporary art and work in projects related to these fields. Teater Nu is passionate about working interdisciplinary, and in exploring non conventional spaces and ways for the art experience. There is a desire to make the arts more accessible and at the same time to deepen the experience.


Kulturanova is a Serbian cultural association fostering cross sectoral cooperation between artists and non-artistic organizations (industrial, social and educational) and promoting creativity as a tool for economic development and entrepreneurship. Kulturanova mission is to develop contents of independent culture to encourage positive social change and improve the position of creative people. Kulturanova works in four areas, through its four programme pillars: Teatarnova – theater and performance; Muzikanova – support for young music creators; Medianova – audio-visual and media content; Futuranova – innovation in cultural and creative industries.

Welcome APS

WELCOME A.p.s. is a not-for-profit association with the aim to stimulate transnational cooperation, strengthen public and private partnership in Europe and to foster excellence, innovation and quality in all the activities related to the human capital development. WELCOME A.p.s. is an official Training Provider recognised by the Marche Regional Authority and it has a very reliable experience in designing, coordinating, managing, monitoring and evaluating European mobility projects or formal and non-formal training experiences for learners and staff.


Bunker is a non-profit organization for the realization and organization of cultural events, established by Nevenka Koprivšek in 1997. Bunker produces and presents contemporary theatre and dance performances, organizes different workshops and other educational programmes with a special focus on cultural and artistic education, participates in or leads numerous international projects, organizes international discursive forums and discussion evenings, and produces one of the most prominent international contemporary performing arts festivals – the Mladi Levi Festival.
Since the year 2004, Bunker programmes and manages the inspirational space of The Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana.

Zentralwerk e.V.

Zentralwerk e.V. is a non profit organisation in charge of devoloping the cultural program and the management of Zentralwerk, indipendent cultural centre located in Dresden, Germany. It is a space where affordable ateliers, housing and artistic endeavors blend seamlessly, embodying the spirit of self-organization, diversity, and civil society. A big hall, a small hall, a courtyard, a gallery and a Foyer bar are spaces available for performing arts and cultural events. The buildings are refurbished, managed and developed by the cooperative Zentralwerk (Zentralwerk Kultur- und Wohngenossenschaft Dresden eG). Zentralwerk e.V. is a member of Trans Europe Halles, European Network of indipendent cultural centres in former industrial sites. It runs several international Artist in Residence programs (such as Brazzaville-Dresden and Bangalore-Dresden) as well as international cooperations for artists mobility. Zentralwerk’s commitment to building local networks and its active role in a creative, socially diverse neighborhood highlights the potential of art to shape society.

Potato Potato

Founded in 2008 by Freja Hallberg, Paulina Göth, Linda Forsell, Helena Engberg Tunström and Jenny Möller Jensen, PotatoPotato is the common name for five artists with separate artistry. They share studios, administration, homepage and are the owners of the venue KONTRÄR. They are located in both Malmö and in Stockholm, and have produced more than 300 original pieces since 2008. PotatoPotato is a performing arts company experimenting with the tools, expectations and expressions of theater in close collaboration with other art fields – live music, dj, visual arts, film, poetry, filosophy. PotatoPotato doesn’t want their shows to be a story you follow, but something you experience.

Collettivo Collegamenti A.p.s.

Collegamenti A.p.s. was born in 2015 in Senigallia (AN) as an artistic reality dedicated to the creation of site-specific performances, whose main characteristic space from extemporaneousness and dialogue with a physical space that is not necessarily theatrical (museums, abandoned houses, beaches, archaeological areas, …) to the search for a physical language starting from archetypes and personal experiences, as well as the relationship between body and space or body and materials. It manages multidisciplinary festivals and produces theatrical shows and performances dedicated to classical and contemporary literature, as well as its own original writings.

In 2023, Collegamenti founded a sectorial publishing house (Ibride Edizioni) with two series “Drammaturgia” and “Parole Camminate” under its belt, the latter born from Play Project, an interactive device for poetic crossings born from the TrainArt project.

Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini

The Pergolesi Spontini Foundation was founded in Jesi (Italy) in 2000 and it manages the activities of the Teatro G.B. Pergolesi, qualified since 1968 as one of the 29 Italian Traditional Theatres. It mainly deals with live entertainment and it organizes the Pergolesi Spontini Festival and the Traditional Opera Season of the Pergolesi Theatre annually. It has its own laboratory for the construction of sets, manages the activities of the V. Moriconi Theater-Studio in Jesi and it organizes and promotes Theater Seasons in the Theaters of Jesi and Maiolati Spontini. It is also a music publisher and training agency, promoting seminars, research and musicological studies through the Pergolesian Studies Committee and the Spontinian Studies Committee; carries out public training, social theater and accessibility services projects for the dissemination of opera initiatives for students and people with disabilities.

AMATAssociazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali

AMAT (Marche Association of Theatrical Activities) was founded in 1976 with the aim of contributing to the cultural growth of the regional territory of Marche, in particular through performing arts activities, for which it has been recognized and financed since 1979 by the Ministry for Heritage, Cultural and Tourism Activities. Over the years it has expanded its activity to the point of being recognized by the Mibact, since 2018, for 4 disciplines: theatre, dance, music and contemporary circus. The main aims of AMAT are: dissemination and promotion of theatrical culture and art theatre; support for new generation artists; valorisation of the rich theatrical heritage of the Marche through the programming of events; public education. These objectives always include the spectator as the starting and finishing point, i.e. the citizens of the communities in which AMAT carries out its activities.

Associazione culturale Malte

The MALTE Cultural Association was founded by Sonia Antinori in Imola (Italy) in 2006, with the aim of promoting the multiplicity of expressive languages ​​through the production and programming of shows, events, training and cultural activities.
Since its inception, the Association has paid particular attention to the issues of transculturalism, thus intending to contribute to the investigation of a rapidly transforming society. MALTE, currently composed of Sonia Antinori, Giacomo Lilliù, Carla Manzon and Desiree Domenici, produces numerous artistic projects at European level, such as “A est del palcoscenico” (Italy-Balkans) and the Erasmus+ “Les langues des ouiseaux” (with the NGO Linguapax of Barcelona, ​​the Boat People Project collective of Göttingen, the Sens-Interdits Festival of Lyon and the Djarama cultural center of Toubab Dialaw of Senegal), and in networks with national actors, including collaborations with Collettivo ØNAR and Stefania Scuppa and, among the many, the TOHC! project.
In 2023 MALTE started a collaboration with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Florence, with which it created the GlobaLab Mediterraneo workshop in September and a live show event in Jerusalem, directed by Sonia Antinori and conducted by Andrea Caimmi and Jeryes Abu Sini.

Asini Bardasci

The Asini Bardasci theater company was founded in 2016 with the aim of producing and promoting theatrical project activities in the Marche region and beyond.
Asini Bardasci collaborates with important cultural and performing arts realities in Italy. With the “We Family” project, together with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, they are creating a cycle of 3 short films for the Marche Region on the concept of “step-family” and not linked by parental ties, within the funding promoted by Department of Youth Policies.
In 2022 they start the tour for their new production “Ciao Amore Ciao”, a performance in honor of Luigi Tenco, Italian singer who died committing suicide. In 2023, they won the NDN (Network Drammaturgia Nuova) with the directing project for the show “Con grande sprezzo del ridicolo” for Residenza Idra with over 13 national partners.
Currently, they are involved in the project “Minore a chi?!”, a performing arts laboratory where 20 children between 14 and 16 years of age, completely free of charge, explore theater and its practices in the artistic residence of ValleGaudia in Tavullia, province of Pesaro.

Associazione culturale Centripeta

CENTRIPETA was born with the desire to give shape to a language and an aesthetic that can be a tool for analyzing contemporary reality, in an inclusive and contaminating way, in every place where it is possible to build relationships and satisfy needs.
CENTRIPETA operates in the artistic, socio-educational and cultural sector in Italy and in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin with a global perspective that promotes local development, the exchange of skills and dialogue between peoples.
CENTRIPETA wants to contribute to the definition of a future characterized by respect and knowledge of differences and multiculturalism, as factors of invaluable human enrichment.
CENTRIPETA carries out training, production and research activities in the theatrical, audiovisual and dramaturgical fields.

Misholovka Youth Theater

The Misholovka Youth Theater in Novi Sad is led by theater pedagogues, pioneers of applied theater in Serbia. The primary activity in the field of culture, art and pedagogy is included in the theatre. In the last 10 years the theater has held 27 show premieres with children and young people and has organized over 2000 drama and theater workshops for four age categories. The main idea of ​​their work is that through theatrical exercises, games and tasks, participants work on their skills and competences necessary for real life. In addition to the main goal of this theater, which is personality development, there are secondary goals. One of them, equally important, as it corresponds to the entire society in which the individual, or the workshop participant, lives, is the development and nurturing of an educated theater audience. And not only the theater audience, but also consumers of other cultural and artistic content. In addition to groundwork and participation in workshops, participants engage in discussions and activities related to literature, performances, music, films, exchange experiences and use them to create their own responses to acting and non-acting tasks. In other words, they implement all the knowledge gained into their creations by dedicating themselves to art, thus creating unique worlds. As a result, children and young people who attend the workshops of the Misholovka Youth Theater become creators and recipients of artistic and cultural content.

Multimedia Center Led Art

Multimedia Center Led Art, registered as a citizens’ association, began its formal existence in 1999. The association was primarily formed through the activities of the artistic group “Led Art” founded and launched by Nikola Dzafo in 1993 in the years of social and political turmoil that pushed Yugoslavia into war and complete international isolation during the 90s, with the idea that cultural activity and art is one of the possible ways to survive and not drown in a cataclysmic reality.
Multimedia Center led Art, within its two long-term projects “Art Clinic” (2002-2012) and “Shock Cooperative” (2013 -), was established on the principle of collective community, participatory and voluntary work in art and culture. The activities that most closely determine the operation of the Led Art Multimedia Center are the care of the art scene in Novi Sad and beyond, encouraging and working with young artists, active work on changing and improving cultural policy, advocating all active and participatory forms of cooperation between individuals and formal and informal groups and institutions to improve the production, presentation, preservation, and development of the contemporary art scene, primarily visual art.